Monday, April 04, 2005


Indian Cybergypsies & Online Zippie Vedas

Yesterday I Found the following link sitting in a bookshop in Observatory, Cape Town.

The Cybergypsies - ‘A frank account of love, life and travels on the electronic frontier’ by Indra Sinha, published by Scribners, 1999.

To whit, the following thoughts:

First off, as Joseph Campbell would say: "There are many, Indra's" and obviously something one would expect from a Hindu version of the Electronic World.

Another thought a la Borges: A man walks into a library and picks up a book. He reads about lost civilisations, ancient tongues and aliens. He thinks, I wonder where this particular book came from? He realises that a god or a perhaps an alien mind may have put it there for him to read. He asks the librarian, who relates a history about a certain publisher, and how the book ostensibly arrived in her possession. He thinks, in fact he knows, since he has been there before, that there is no possiblity of checking reality to see if she is telling the truth - obviously, since a god having designs on his education and reading material would provide a librarian with a history and a trail of facts to follow. Fill in the gaps to this riddle? Every so often one glimpses a part of the puzzle, and what picture are we seeing here?

An electronic culture that is steadily creating history.

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