Tuesday, March 29, 2005


Current Zip Off.

As we become increasingly interconnected in a global village that essentially joins disparate part of the world into a single community, it will become harder to maintain distinct cultural identities.

In fact as the notion of distance disappears, along with geographical constaints, it becomes harder to identify the physical borders and psychological boundaries of the old-world.

This new universe, populated by the zippies, essentially techno-mall-rats of the future, is created from an electronic membrane that stretches from continent to continent in a web that is often refered to as a global brain.

Sub-cultures like the Zippies, emerged because of the ease with which communication happens, but paradoxically as we slide into a discourse of net culture, the mainstream picks up on these ideas and readily exploits them, without realising their potential or reason for existance.

Other net-communities which I have encountered, are Neutopians, Cyberpunks and Extropians, all of whom are better organised, more individualistic and less dependent upon off-the-shelf hardware for their daily surf.

This blog is going through some changes, and will probably morph into something special, with feedback and debate.

Yours, DRL.
South Africa

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