Monday, March 13, 2006


FC is a product

...lets ship him to Vegas

What with Zippie vs Zippie, there's a lot of bad financial karma surrounding FC it seems.

Here's a suggestion to all those yuppies who want to get in on the act.

Fraser Clark branded incense sticks

Fraser Clark doll that you can stick your boardroom pins into (for pinheads too)

Ye Olde Ipod with Eternal Rock o'Time (includes 20th century groove and 21st century silicon beats) Ye Sacred Speaker Cabinet (with plastic army of sound engineers).

Embossed and ornate 20 000 watt tabernackle of the zippies

A zippie pez dispenser, who knows

Megatripolis Snow Mountain (when shaken turns into a nice scene along with flakes)

His and Hers Hemisphere Harmonisers

Zippie Cosmology Signs

Fraser Clark Breakfast Cereal (tuned to the granola set)

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